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The OGs of all things OG, Nike has been killing it in the sneaker game for almost 60 years. Starting life out as Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike has grown to unprecedented heights, thanks in no small part to its endless, insatiable pursuit for perfection through cutting-edge innovation. And, we think that we can all agree that the calibre of Nike sneakers showcase this.

Quality doesn’t even come close to describing Nike sneakers, and stylish is a modest evaluation. The Jordan 1, for example, is simple yet complex; elegant, yet robust, and ultimately timeless. But that’s not the only pair worth copping. The Nike Dunk and Air Force 1 both come to mind when thinking about sneakers on another level. 

The Nike Dunk, in particular, has become a cultural icon in its own right. Thanks to collaborations with Travis Scott, Off White and Parra, to name a few. In saying that, we have to give special mention to the Air Force 1, a sneaker that revolutionised the sneaker world. Did you know that the Air Force 1 Low is the best selling sneaker of all time? It’s not surprising when you see a pair of AF1s styled with denim jeans, a vintage tee, and a hat.

But if you’re more into technical, sleek runners, we highly recommend TNs and Nike Sacai models. They’re just too fresh to pass up. The best part about shopping with Restated Vintage is that there’s a massive selection of genuine sneakers to choose from. We truly have something for everyone. Find your perfect pair today.