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There’s nothing like a pair of fresh kicks to boost your mood and elevate your look, and Restated Vintage has the most coveted sneaker styles from all your favourite labels. All brand new and genuine branded products, these sneaker finds are one-offs! you’ll find it hard to source elsewhere, elevating your streetwear and style cred to the next level. From classic Nike Air Jordans, Nike Low Dunks and New Balance sneakers to the highly sought-after Adidas Yeezy Slides, we’ve got footwear covered at Restated Vintage. 

Sporting brand Nike has long been a leader in footwear since the company’s inception in the ‘60s. Its popular styles have become bestsellers over the years, and Restated Vintage has on shelves many of the favourites beloved by Nike fans. One of the brand’s most sought-after styles, Nike Air Jordans were originally designed and manufactured for basketball legend Michael Jordan. These shoes have been selling out worldwide since released to the public in 1985. Restated Vintage has a limited stock of verified authentic Nike Air Jordan 1’s, such as Seafom Jordan 1’s and Jordan 1s dark mocha, in stock to add to your sneaker collection, along with the ever-popular Nike Low Dunks, Air Force Max and more. 

Another major player in the shoe game is Adidas, which stepped things up yet again when they partnered with rapper Kanye West to release the highly covetable Adidas Yeezy Slides and Adidas Yeezy Boosts. Restated Vintage has both the prized collections on shelves for fashion lovers and footwear enthusiasts alike. 

Of course, once you’ve got your new kicks from Restated Vintage, you’re going to want to do what you can to keep them in mint condition. Check out our range of sneaker care products, from protective sprays to sneaker shields and specialised cleaning kits, to help make sure your one-of-a-kind vintage sneakers and slides stay pristine.