Dunk Sneakers

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Turning heads since ‘85, the Nike Dunk has come a long way since it debuted all those years ago in only seven colourways. Originally released as a shoe made specifically for the highly intense nature of collegiate basketball, the Nike Dunk has taken on many forms and functions since then. 

No longer limited to the court, the Nike Dunk now holds its place firmly within the skater community, with Nike Dunk SB styles growing in popularity since the early 2000s. It doesn’t end there, though, as Dunks have also been styled by some of fashion and pop culture's biggest names, including Travis Scott and the late great Virgil Abloh through his brand Off White. 

Nowadays, how you wear your Dunks is based on your style. Wear your Dunks with a pair of jeans, a vintage tee, like these Harley Davidson shirts we’re digging at the moment, or just as good, a hoodie. Put this all together with a hat, and you’ve got yourself a killer outfit. The options are seemingly endless, so however you rock your Dunks, low or high, rock them with pride.

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