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Effortlessly cool, easy to style, and extremely supportive, to say the least, high-top sneakers are the perfect option when it comes to slick kicks. Originally designed to support the highly-intense, sporadic movement of sports like basketball, high sneakers have manoeuvred from the courts to the streets since their inception.

When it comes to the history behind high sneakers, things are kicked off (pardon the pun) by the Converse All Star, also known as the Chuck Taylor. Did you know that it gets its name from the basketball star turn salesman extraordinaire Chuck Taylor? Until the mid-70s, they were pretty much the only option out there (alongside brands like PF Flyers and PRO-Keds), that was until brands like Adidas, Puma and Nike started making a name for themselves, with the latter, Nike, really dominating. 

Nowadays, Nike Air Jordans, both new and retro, Seafoam Jordans and High Dunks are the go-to for many sneaker collectors in Australia. We also have the popular Jordan 1’s, Nike tns, Jordan 4’s and many more!  Comfortable and cool, you can pair your high tops with some denim, a tee or jacket, and a hat, and you’ll always look fresh. Or, you can rock yours with a band shirt, leather jacket and ripped jeans combo. The choices are endless.

What’s best about Restated Vintage is that our selection of vintage clothing and sneakers is unparalleled. We offer thousands of genuine recycled picks that are updated regularly thanks, in no small part, to our hard-working, dedicated team of style experts. Let us scour the globe to showcase the best vintage clothing and accessories exclusively to you, for you.