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If you’re looking for a pair of sneakers with versatility, look no further than the mid-top sneaker. A perfect middle ground between high-top and lows, the mid-sneaker is ideal for all seasons.

Mid-top sneakers are often overlooked as an option, but they should never be slept on. They offer wearers something that is truly unique. Plus, they’re great for activities where you want a bit more freedom of ankle movement, like skating for instance. 

The perfect sneakers for this would have to be Nike mid sneakers like Air Jordans and Dunks or Vans sk8-mid, with special mention and praise to the Vans x Supreme collab. What you get with both of these models is support where you need it and, importantly, substantial manoeuvrability. The last thing you want when you’re trying to land a fakie kickflip is to have your sneakers get in the way.

But this style isn’t exclusive to skaters, oh no! Like we mentioned earlier, our sneakers such as Nike jordans are the perfect go-between for seasonal pairings. If you’re rocking them during the winter months, you can accompany them with denim and a jacket and/or a sweater, and if you’re sweating it out in summer, you can rock yours with a tee and shorts. They’re perfect for both men and women.

The greatest thing about Restated Vintage is that we have heaps of options to choose from, not only when it comes to sneakers, but also clothes and accessories. Our hard-working crew of style specialists search the globe high and low for the best vintage clothing and accessories to bring you, well, the best.